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Whether fuel dispenser is accurate and qualified, Weighing
(Shandong Province) quality inspection departments teach you how to look
With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more car owners, oil consumption has become one part of people's daily expenses. During refueling, are you worried about metering accuracy of fuel filling stations? How to distinguish from the appearance of the equipment? Recently, the 2012 Weifang City Quality Month activity starts, related leadership of quality inspection departments at the meeting gave answers to the problem of public concern.
According to reports, when consumers refuel, you should look at the strong inspection mark at first.
Quality supervision departments will do a mandatory test to fuel dispensers at regular periods, and irregular sampling on ordinary day. The qualified fuel dispenser after test will be affixed with a round green strong inspection mark printed "mandatory certified " on it. In addition, depends on the expiration date.
Besides, look if the seal is intact. In order to ensure the fuel dispenser accuracy from destruction, quality supervision departments will install seals on the meter and other site that can change metering accuracy in the qualified dispenser so as to prevent individual gas stations cheating behaviors. If you have any objection to metering accuracy of gas station, consumer can take the initiative to ask to see the seals. In view of the one-time characteristics of the seal, therefore, if you see destruction of seals or seal rope, the tanker is most likely manipulated. At this point, you should immediately call 12365 to report, and the metering law enforcement officers will be dispatched in a timely manner to check the gas station.
In addition, do not forget to take a look at table to ensure it has “false start. If you do not refuel but table has begun walking, you should request zero clearing, and then start to refuel.
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