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Rise again in oil price, adverse promotion of private gas stations
The 7th yearly oil price adjustment, which pulls the mainstream price of Shenyang 93 gasoline down to 7.69 yuan / liter. Insiders think rise of oil price will drive logistics costs rose, will make people's average monthly cost of living rose 50 yuan.
However, because of the presence of private gas stations, it makes refined oil market exist the long-standing competition. All along, the private stations in Shenyang act the role of "bargains Pioneer ", after this rise, the private stations in Shenyang start another wave of price cuts.
7.69 Yuan / liter, which is the ceiling, price of Shenyang 93 gasoline sales. According to the ratio of the price of before rose 0.44 yuan / liter. Big amount of increase gives car owners great pressure. Yesterday, reporter visited some private stations in Shenyang, found that most stations cut price 0.1 $ -0.2 $ / liter on the basis of PetroChina oil prices.
In addition, some private stations maintain oil prices lower 0.1-0.2 yuan / liter than PetroChina price, while give refueling owners free gifts. As long as the presence of private stations, the oil price war will not stop.
Present situation: Straight down the price to attract consumers Straight down in price is the best promotional strategy to attract consumers’ attention, and also the long-term use of the private stations. This can help stations own fixed consumer groups and car owners get psychological balance so as to retain customers.
The lowest price: 7.39 yuan / liter, retain fixed customer groups
According to survey, the current lowest 93 oil price in Shenyang appears in Tiexi Jinhua gas station, thirty cents per liter cheaper than PetroChina oil price. Because of low price, now the station has many fixed customer groups.

Discovery: Score cards gas stations are trusted
Application for score card is the usual method of gas station. Reporter found in the survey, the station which can apply score card also can let car owners generate a sense of trust on it.

Forecast: oil price competition will exist for a long time
Because of presence if private stations, it exists the phenomenon of customer source grabbing, and markdowns will not stop. Private stations have a price advantage, in order to seize the market, they play low-cost strategy to attract consumer attention. And facts have proved that this strategy is more successful. Therefore, such mode of markdowns and promotions will exist for a long time in the refined oil market.

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