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100% conversion rate of Changqing Petrochemical patented technology
Up to Oct 7th, Changqing Petrochemical Company cumulatively applies for 29 patents, 21 granted patents, patented technology conversion rate reaches 100%.
The Changqing Petrochemical with 500 million tons of annual crude oil processing capacity, labor cost is only about 1/ 4 of the Chinese oil industry average, but overall labor productivity is among the best. In recent years, the company centers on vision of building an eco- enterprise and boutique refinery to intensify scientific and technological innovation, constantly adjust product structure and make an effort on small invention and innovation so as to steadily increase grade gasoline production and light oil yield.
With the development of market, the importance of independent intellectual property rights in competition is increasingly apparent. The company sets up and amplifies three-class management system containing company leaders, scientific and technical department and intellectual property rights professionals, formulates and improves regulations like "patent management approach" and "science and technology confidentiality rules" and promotes technology innovation and intellectual property management more standardized and scientific The company also follows thinking that inventions comes from practice, and then are put into practice to intensify advocacy training, eliminate the workers' mystery of patent application and continue to stimulate full enthusiasm and initiative about patent application.
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