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China entered the ranks of the world’s oil powers
Since the " 16th National Congress of the Party, China's oil and gas production has maintained a steady growth, increased from 180 million tons of oil equivalent in 2002 to 2011 , 290 million tons of oil equivalent, and average annual net increase is more than 11 million tons.Experts say that China has entered the ranks of the world’s oil powers, and it is taking efforts toward the goal of great oil power.
Oil and gas exploration made an important breakthrough
The rapid growth of investment in oil and gas exploration, and substantial increase in the major physical workload. In the 10 years, national oil and gas resources exploration investment got a significant increase, annual investment increased to $ 714 billion in 2011 from $ 221 billion in 2002 and got an increase of 223%. High growth in oil reserves, there were 15 cumulative proved hundred million ton oil fields. Rapid growth in natural gas reserves, and there were 14 cumulative proved one hundred billion cubic meters gas fields.

Remarkable oil and gas development and utilization
Stable growth in crude oil production, leapt to 200 million tons mark for the first time, and cumulative production of crude oil in 10 years were 1.823 billion tons, which took the 1/3 of cumulative production since the founding of New China. Rapid growth in natural gas production, stepped onto a new level of one hundred billion squares for the first time.

Initial success of unconventional oil and gas exploration and development
CBM exploration got breakthrough and preliminary entered the industrial commercialization stage. Rapid increase of oil shale resources and development and utilization begun to take shape. The oil sands exploration has made important strides and got good production test progress.

Achieved important results in oil and gas investigation and assessment
Systematically carry out oil and gas resource evaluation to further find out the real situation of oil and gas resources. Oil and gas basic geological work goes smoothly, and land, waters oil and gas surveys gains important results. Oil and gas strategic investigation and districts obtains important results, new area oil and gas discovery gets breakthrough.

Standardized and orderly oil and gas resources management
Oil and Gas Resources Management is increasingly institutionalized , standardized and scientific. Continue to promote competition in the oil and gas exploration. Orderly promote competitive grant for unconventional oil and gas resources. Continuously improve oil and gas resources annual inspection, and supervision and management are increasing.

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