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Birth of the first four- million tons of gas stations in Gansu
By December 2, Yumen Ganzidian fueling station of Jiuquan Branch in Gansu Sales has sold 40,700 tons of oil product and got an increase of 20,400 tons. This marks the birth of the first four- million tons of gas stations in Gansu Sales.
Since the beginning of this year, the Ganzidian fueling station makes efforts to perfect service projects, refine the service measures amd create good marketing atmosphere. According to practical situation of the surrounding heavy oil according to the local sandstorm weather more , the vehicle fuel tank cap, the station launches special service of wiping tank cap. In the refueling site, employees who carry a piece of rag and take the initiative to pick up the rag to wipe off the oil and dust around tank cap. Although the oil and dust are wiped off by rag, the hearts of customers are warmed by employees.
The station also provides additional services, they help customers watch and ward vehicles, offer hot water and traffic information, and actively inroduce information like surrounding parking, accommodation and meals. These services have met the different needs of customers. And the average daily sales of the station increase from 53.36 tons to 109.87 tons, the highest daily sales reaches 179.49 tons.
The station pays attention to daily contact and communication with customers to enhance mutual feelings. On customer's birthday, they will timely send message to customer to express wishes. And they will give a helpful hand when customers have difficulty.
Whenever the customer leaves wallet or important items at station, the staff of the station will actively contact the party and give them back in next refueling. And customer thank pennants hang the walls of the operating room. The little things make customers from everywhere remember the station, and vehicle pulled in rate, full refueling rate as well as customer returning rate are significantly improved, and lays a solid foundation for the increase in sales.
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