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Good fuel man should have good knowledge accumulation
The work of fuel man seems to be simple, but to provide better service and become an excellent fuel man, he should have good knowledge accumulation.
For a long time, some people think that oiler is a simple work. It is nothing more than asking what the number of oil products, opening tank, handling nozzle, gassing up the tank and adding the service of “welcome” and “wish you a pleasant journey”. Actually this is not so, The work is simple, but the quality and knowledge beyond the service with smile is directly related to economic and social benefits of gas station. If you drive to the gas station to refuel, and ask the oiler about the difference between 93# gasoline and 97# gasoline, but the oiler just smile and know nothing about the question, are you satisfied? If you travel by car and come to a strange city. You ask that what the most convenient way walk around the city is when refueling. The oiler just smiles but does not know something about the question. Then are you satisfied? Will you still remember the gas station when you pass by there in future?
The smile is the form, the service is fundamental. With the social development, the continuous improvement of living standards, the customers’ requirements will be higher, and more diverse. When people buy gods, they require quality, quantity as well as safety and convenience. The service is one of the most important factors. It can be said that customer have been transferring from simple purchasing commodity to purchase service. The enterprise providing customer with satisfied service or not The satisfied or unsatisfied service for the customer provided by the enterprises is not only related to the creation of corporate profits, but also to strong capital for enterprise competition.
Apart from serving with smile, oiler should learn oil-related professional knowledge and master other knowledge relating to customer and vehicle. Only by enriching yourselves with more knowledge can you answer the questions raised by customer, provide customer with warm and thoughtful service and also make the customers with different demands satisfied, make the station left a deep impression on the minds of customer and make the customer become loyal customer of the station so as to bring more benefits for gas station.
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