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China Petroleum performance appraisal guides the development mode
China Petroleum and performance appraisal work follows more standardized and more accurate requirements and continuously makes appraisal methods and system innovative and perfect. It preliminarily constructs performance appraisal framework system with full coverage and Chinese characteristics to form the evaluation platform which unifies the listed and non listed and combines annual assessment with term assessment. The performance appraisal management is getting more and more scientific and standardized. And it plays an important role in implementing the development strategy of the company, guiding the development mode and improving scientific management level.
With the close link between China Petroleum and performance appraisal and salary distribution and gradually in-depth full performance assessment, the development-oriented and stimulating functions are increasingly prominent. Daqing Oilfield widens the distribution gap with overseas exploration and development company.
Although the full level of performance assessment involving the multi management level, heterogeneous positions and Large number of employees, the difficulty is far greater then EVA assessment, the work in most units is very solid. Lanzhou Petrochemical full performance assessment closely combines with team, workshop management to become the handle and the carrier for strengthening management and have improved efficiency.
North China Petrochemical establishes electronic records for employee performance appraisal to make the assessment normalized, standard and electronic so as to become an important carrier for employee participation in management. Safety and Environmental Protection Institute divides performance indicator into main performance indicator and basic performance indicator. The main performance indicator is set financial, operational and personnel and other key assessment indicators, the basic performance indicator is used to check staff –“Evaluation of fulfilled duties and completed tasks.”
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