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Zhuhai Petroleum: non-oil amount and profits go up
In 2012, the quality of the non-oil business of Zhuhai company improved steadily. Non-oil sales turnover, gross profit are 23.62 million yuan and 363 million yuan, year-on-year increase reached 52%, and achieved increase in both non-oil amount and profits.
Strengthen the examination, transmit pressure and mobilize the full enthusiasm
Directly link non-oil program completion to gas station wage scale. Through wages and non- oil performance associated move, change passive sales into active marketing. Use message and portal website to publish sales progress so as to form competitive marketing environment. Besides, introduce four-quarter non-oil excess award program.

Optimize and update key stores and create perfect store
Leadership led to investigate station by station to practically understand reconstruction needs of each station and customer purchasing needs so as to promote overall store image of key stores. Introduce newspaper, recharge card, welfare lottery and other convenience service.

Strengthen key commodities marketing
Organize employees to learn relevant knowledge about key commodities and let them understand product and marketing. At the same time, establish special incentive measures of key commodities and encourage employees to achieve good sales of key commodities.

Strengthen major festivals marketing
During the Spring Festival, carry out New Year group purchase activity. During Mid-Autumn Festival, carry out moon cake and the Mid-Autumn ceremony package sales.

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