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Self-service refueling must eliminate static electricity at first
Customer self- refueling, quick and simple operation, also very favorable, is becoming preferred refueling method for customer of many service stations. However, if there is violation of operating procedures, self-service refueling exists some security risks. There is such a case of safety incident: A gas station in Shijiazhuang, during self - service refueling, a customer failed to eliminate static electricity. It leaded to fire and forearm burns. That the case reminds us that we should attach great importance to static electricity in self-service refueling.
In fact, static electricity on human body is generated by the friction between the polyester clothing, hair and adheres to the human body. Before refueling, if you touch the static conductive ball on the fuel dispenser 3 seconds, it will conduct human body electrostatic into ground to eliminate static electricity on human body so as to avoid being hurt during refueling.
But at some stations, some customers even wear gloves to touch static ball. Such operation can not reach purpose to discharge static electricity, but may be counterproductive and produce more damage. Therefore, fuel man should self - pay attention to any improper operations of refueling customers and guide customers to discharge any static electricity before refueling to eliminate risk so as to ensure security.
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