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Chinese Calligraphy
As the art of writing Chinese characters, Chinese calligraphy, or shufa, is closely related to the latter in its formation and development, boasting as long a history as that of China itself. It is one of the highest forms of Chinese art, serving the purpose of conveying thoughts while also showcasing abstract beauty of lines. Calligraphy is one of the four basic skills and disciplines of the Chinese literati, together with painting, stringed musical instruments and board games. However, rhythm, lines, and structure are more perfectly embodied in calligraphy than in the other three skills.
According to historical records, it was during about the later half of the 2nd and 4th centuries that Chinese calligraphy came into being in the real sense. However, this does not mean ignoring, weakening or denying the artistic value of previously existing calligraphic forms. Chinese calligraphy of each period in Chinese history had its particular forms and styles.
Chinese calligraphy is an Oriental art. Like the use of chopsticks, calligraphy was once entirely Chinese, but as Chinese culture spread to Korea, Japan, and Singapore, calligraphy became a unique feature of Oriental art.
Calligraphy is even wildly accepted by the West; as once Picasso said, "Had I been born Chinese, I would have been a calligrapher, not a painter." Many calligraphic elements are being adopted by modern Western art.
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