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The first customer rights protection service station
in Heilongjiang was established
12315 consumer rights protection service station was established on May 22 in Heilongjiang, it is the first consumer rights protection service station of oil industry in Heilongjiang.
With the enhanced awareness of consumer rights, higher requirements on the gas station, the establishment of the service station is designed to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and build an open, fair, direct and effective advocacy service platform for customer.
After receiving complaints about fueling stations belonging Harbin sales, 12,315 complaints platform of Harbin Trade and Industry Bureau diverts it to the service station 12315 consumer rights through the platform and authorize service station to process to make contradiction of consumer disputes resolved at the grassroots level.
Through 12315 consumer rights protection service station, Harbin sales can timely accept consumer complaints and solve the problem in the first time. It also can take professional grooming on complaint information make it back to the gas station so as to improve quality of service stations.
The establishment of the customer rights service station is used to monitor business work of refined oil marketing enterprises. Staff will formulate activist treatment plan and realistically resolve complaints disputes. At the same time, Harbin sales strengthens management, increases inspection efforts, accepts the supervision of the consumer and actively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
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