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Two new low energy consumption indicators of Daqing
Petrochemical represented an all-time low
June 28 , reporters learned in the Daqing Petrochemical Company, Ammonia plant of Daqing Petrochemical Fertilizer Plant marked the 11th consecutive year of China Petroleum similar devices first place with 34.41 GJ / ton ammonia of low energy consumption indicators, Urea consumption of ammonia 570.56 kg / t.
Energy saving is an important manifestation for enterprises to fulfill their economic responsibility, political responsibility and social responsibility. Daqing Petrochemical Fertilizer Plant strictly implemented the standard management work and raised the overall quality of plant operation by optimizing the overall.
Production process optimization is a direct means of saving energy. Daqing Petrochemical Fertilizer Plant adhered to guide the production with data, adhered to date statistics, weekly commenting, monthly summary, optimization of process parameters to achieve energy saving.
Long-cycle production unit indirectly reduced energy and material consumption of the product. In ensuring the long- term operation, around the index management, troubleshooting, production controlled and condition monitoring of these four priorities, Fertilizer Plant implemented fine adjustment, careful inspection and early control.
Technology innovation boosts energy saving. Fertilizer Plant actively troubleshot problems related bottlenecks and made overall planning combining with actual condition. Through process innovation, technological innovation and renewal of equipment, 23 various problems were resolved and equipments were ensured efficient operation. Among them, Fertilizer Plant improved urea scraper scarring hump reconstruction project, completely solved the problem of urea hump and filled in the domestic blanks.
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