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CNPC and CDB sign strategic cooperation agreement
On August 9, CNPC and China Development Bank (CDB) signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing.
CNPC Chairman Zhou Jiping and CDB Chairman Hu Huaibang had a discussion on further promoting cooperation and attended the signing ceremony. CNPC President Liao Yongyuan, CNPC Vice President Wang Dongjin, CDB President Zheng Zhijie, and CDB Chief Supervisor Yao Zhongmin were present on the occasions. CNPC Chief Financial Officer Wen Qingshan and CDB Vice President Wang Yongsheng signed the agreement on behalf of the two sides respectively.
CNPC and CDB have been maintaining a good cooperation relationship for a long time, which has guaranteed the success of several major international cooperation projects between CNPC and its counterparts in Russia, Central Asia and Venezuela. Taking the signing of the agreement as an opportunity, the two sides look forward to making bigger achievements by joining their strengths together.
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