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Liangzhu Jade
The history of Liangzhu jade can be traced back to 4300 to 5000 years ago. Most Liangzhu jade items were excavated in Fanshan, Yaoshan in Zhejiang Province, Qianshanyang, Caoxieshan in Jiangsu Province and Shanghai. The delicacy of Liangzhu jade is beyond praise.
The key Neolithic jade items of Liangzhu culture were found in tombs near Liangzhu about 30 km north of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Liangzhu jade is characterized by finely-worked large ritual jades such as Cong, Bi and also pendants and decorations in the form of chiseled open-work plaques, plates and representations of small birds, turtles and fish. The Liangzhu jade is white, milky, and bone-like due to tremolite rock origin and influence of water-based fluids at the burial sites.
Liangzhu jade works were made from local nephrite jade, and can be classified into ritual and insignia jade types, as well as implements. They are characterized by the fine work, especially the harmonious and exquisite carving decoration. The most mysterious is the god pattern. With the ferocious face, he’s wearing a huge and luxurious crown of feathers and sits akimbo on mythical beast. This kind of concrete of clan is regarded as a particular symbol of Liangzhu jade works. The appearance of large quantities of ritual jades with religious color, such as zong, is recognized as the dawn of the Chinese civilization.
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