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Petroleum Engineering Machinery Company increases efficiency by professional development
Last year, Petroleum Engineering Machinery Company was founded. In face of grim situation of ordering tensions caused by reduction in upstream exploration and development investment, fewer foreign market entry channel, more competitive market and greater pressure in production and operating. The company overcame difficulties to focus on leading products business, actively promoted new products and business development and achieved a good start professional development. Full-year revenue is 8.7 billion yuan and got an increase of 11.3%.
Large sets of fracturing equipment is one of the leading products of the company. In the high grade service of Coke dam work area shale gas, the company fully demonstrated technological superiority and got successful completion of their tasks each time. Especially in the field applications of new 3000-type fracturing pump, it showed characteristics of high power, large displacement, continuous and stable performance.
In order to ensure the smooth progress of major IT projects, the company upgraded R & D system, established and improved R & D platform. It enhanced the strength of prospective, basic research and the overall operation of large projects, and enhanced the achievements and applied research capabilities.
At present, the company has become an important participating unit of marine engineering equipment industry in Hubei Province. In face of unprecedented fierce competition in the market, the company set up 2 domestic regional service centers, 8 overseas representatives, developed special incentives and disincentives, comprehensively promoted lean management and paid close attention to the recovery of accounts receivable and cost lowering. On the one hand, guiding all factories to play the main role of market development. On the other hand, focusing on the operation of major projects, perfecting marketing service system.
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