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Sinopec and Chongqing Join Hands to Develop Shale Gas
On March 1, Sun Zhengcai, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee, and Huang Qifan, Mayor of Chongqing, met Mr. Fu Chengyu, Chairman of Sinopec Group in Chongqing, where the two sides have carried on the thorough exchange to speed up the shale gas development and utilization in Chongqing. Weng Jieming, Executive Vice Mayor of Chongqing and Wang Zhigang, Senior Vice President of Sinopec Corp., on behalf of the two sides, signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Fuling Shale Gas Development and Utilization. The two sides will establish a cooperation mechanism for shale gas development and utilization, to construct Chongqing as the important base of Chinese clean energy development, to strengthen cooperation in shale gas exploration, development, utilization, and the construction of gas distribution system, to strive to form 5 billion cubic meters/year of shale gas production capacity in Fuling by the end of 2015, to constantly improve the level of comprehensive utilization of shale gas, and to promote the development of the equipment manufacturing industry of Chongqing shale gas. The successful development of Fuling shale gas marks the shale gas development in China has entered the stage of rapid development.
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