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China Petroleum carries out the theme of World Standards Day campaign
October 14 is World Standards Day. Chinese oil enterprises actively carry out propaganda activities and strive to further enhance the standardization of concepts and awareness, promote the standardization of culture and promote quality and efficiency of development.
The theme of World Standards Day in China this year is ‘Standards create a fair competitive environment, standards build a unified market rules.’ Aims to highlight the important role of standardization, promote business, industry and economy more competitive and economic development.
Group Quality and Standards Management Department requires all enterprises attach great importance, use a variety of media actively planning outreach activities, spread standardization concept and knowledge, promote standardization method and culture and enhance awareness of standardization.
Standardization is an important way to achieve maximum efficiency and the best order, which can simplify and optimize management, improve operation efficiency, reduce production cost, integrate resources and markets more effectively and promote the scale and resource advantages into economic and competitive advantages.
Nowadays, China Petroleum is changing development type, paying more attention to the quality and efficiency and insisting on the role of traditional management strengths. At the same time, using modern management tools including standardization has important practical significance for improving the company management level and promoting quality and efficiency improvement.
According to China Petroleum " Opinions on Strengthening Standardization Work”, by 2020, China Petroleum will build a unified , advanced , international peer recognition of standards and standardization ability will enter the world largest oil company in the forefront.
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