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Chengdu Oil: State IV automotive diesel unveiled in Chengdu
In order to make the people of Chengdu use a more clean and green country Ⅳ vehicle diesel as soon as possible, according to the Sichuan Company’s unified deployment, Chengdu Oil carried out a comprehensive national Ⅳ car diesel replacement work from mid-August. The company built refined oil replacement working group, held special meeting and developed work program to orderly conduct replacement work.
According to local oil demand, the company scientific arranged replacement order of stations on the basis of big to small, from near and far principle in batches. Tank-clearing, replacement, testing, labeling and external sales, each step was strictly accordance with the related standards to ensure oil quality and safety.
After concerted efforts across the company, the 55 fueling stations in the city have completed the state IV replacement by September 30, and started to sell on October 9. The latter, the company will further continue to do 14 gas stations replacement work in Ziyang area to make customer use more clean and environmentally friendly oil product and show highly responsible corporate image of Sinopec.
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