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Sinopec cooperates with the world’s top racing oils PAKELO
Sinopec Lubricant Co., Ltd. and Italy PAKELO, the lubricating oil sponsor of FERRARI AF Course Team, announced officially at the press conference jointly held at the World Endurance Championship (WEC) Shanghai Station Site on November 1, that they became cooperative partners to co-develop the domestic and international market.
According to the cooperative agreement, Sinopec Lubricant Co., Ltd. become the general agent of PAKELO in mainland China, being responsible for its product sales, channel development and brand promotion in the Chinese market. Sinopec Lubricant Co., Ltd. also will cooperate with PAKELO in the international oil market, thereby to build high-end lubricant channel ecological chain and to realize win-win in the international oil market.
PAKELO, as the provider of the world's top racing oil, not only focuses on automotive oil field, but also provides a variety of lubricating oil for the navy, mining, industry, agriculture, etc. Its food-grade lubricants also are famous in Europe.
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