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Taizhou oil: Actively promote the non-oil sales model and
transformation upgrading
Non-oil products, as the Sinopec's emerging industries, after several years of rapid growth, the operating pressure is increasingly difficult. It need to convert sales model and achieve transformation and upgrading so as to continue to maintain good growth momentum.
Earlier this year, around 2015 annual sales goal of 200 million yuan, the company takes efforts to promote non-oil sales model transformation and upgrading.
Through product management, store exhibition adjustment, the company takes actual in-depth research of each station, adjusts layout according to sales performance of all varieties and improves attention and visual impact of clients to hot varieties.
Advocating new normal living facilities, introducing daily-use chemicals and popularizing cooking oil, rice , dairy products and other people cheap goods to multi-level meet the needs of different groups of customers and effectively enhance the rate into the store and customer price.
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