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Sinopec holds energy saving and environment
protection working conference
From February 26 to 27, Sinopec Energy Saving and Environment Protection Video Working Conference was held in Beijing. The conference proposed that in 2015, Sinopec should further conscientiously implement the spirit of Sinopec annual working conference, practice green low-carbon development strategies, deepen the reform of institutional mechanisms for energy and environment, accelerate the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industry, help Sinopec's transforming and development; comprehensively promote the "Energy Efficiency doubling" program and the "Clear Water and Blue Sky" environmental protection special action, strictly manage, drive by innovation, constantly improve energy efficiency, continue to improve environmental standards, realize the asset value of carbon, and build energy saving and carbon-reducing integrated management system.
The conference stressed we should abide by the discipline and rules and manage the state affairs comprehensively according to law, and be aware of the importance of energy saving and environmental protection work at the angle of the survival and development of enterprises. The company must pursue the profit based on the safety production, energy conservation and emission reduction and environmental compliance. When the profits, output, schedule and cost conflict with safety and environment protection, the former should give way to the latter.

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