Professional Fuel Dispenser Manufacturer

HongYang Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, is one of the world’s leading gas station equipment suppliers. Focus on the field of retail petroleum industry, through its dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, it has established advantages in fuel filling, control systems. And we are committed to the future development of energy sales, in order to cope with the ever-changing challenges of the fuel industry. Products include Fuel dispenser, CNG dispenser, LNG dispenser, LPG dispenser, L-CNG Skid, Station Control System, Tank Level Meter, Submersible Pump, Charging Pile, Internet of Things, Gas Station Cloud Service etc.


Hongyang fuel dispenser has a fashionable embedded light box with graceful appearance, novel design, wide and thick body and stable structure. It can be equipped with 21.5-inch multi-media display panel to help gas stations better build their own brand.


The design of Hongyang LPG-DISPENSER is fashionable and generous, which adopts the newest dynamic display screen with colorful characters. LED rolling billboard or multimedia TV can be equipped under the top cover to attract more customers to come to fill and consume.


With the promotion of international emission standards, every countries have the increasing requirements for vehicle exhaust emissions. In order to meet these standards, many countries should use Adblue to deal with the emissions.


The DC charging system provides DC power for electric vehicles and integrates power conversion, charging control, management, query, display and communication. Through communicating with Battery Management System(BMS), it realizes intelligent control of the entire charging process.


Hongyang CNG dispenser is especially designed to provide safe and accurate high-quality fuels. Fashion and simple. Intrinsic safety protection, explosion-proof, safe and reliable, unique electrical system to ensure the stability and expansibility.

lng dispenser

Hongyang LNG dispenser is an independent one without any external control. It has a high-performance gas pipe and it can be resistant to corrosion for a long time.


LPG portable fuel device is a set of LPG dispensers, separate and explosion-proof gas storage tanks, multi-functional pump and pipeline systems, intelligent liquid level systems, and combustible gas alarm device, emergency relief device, automatic fire extinguisher in one of the grounds fueling equipment. It is especially suitable for distant suburbs or areas with poor infrastructure.


S90-A FMS (Fuel Management System) adopts advanced electronic technology. It is an ideal equipment for gas station. The system supports 64 nozzles connected at the same time. You can print shift report, daily report, monthly report and running account.


Effective vapor recovery is of great significance to the vapor resources saving and the environment protection, and it can provide guarantees for the safety of gas stations and other places. Therefore, the development, promotion and application of vapor recovery technology is important for the sustainable development of resources as well as the stability and harmony of the society.


It offers 360-degree views and supports partition dynamic preview, which facilitates users to edit programs more intuitively and efficiently. The software supports the display of a new generation of high refresh rate architecture products.


Hongyang Group provides all the accessories of fuel dispenser to facilitate customer daily maintenance. Complete variety, reliable quality, durable.