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  Systems and processes may provide for managing a fuel dispenser. In particular implementations, a fuel dispenser system and process for a fuel dispenser may include the ability to receive at least a portion of transaction data for a fueling session, determine whether at least a portion of the received transaction data requires a fuel dispenser security measure, and, if at least a portion of the received transaction data requires a fuel dispenser security measure, apply a fuel dispenser security measure to at least a portion of the received transaction data. Leading Fuel Dispenser Manufacturer-HONGYANG GROUP,Gas Pump/LPG/CNG/LNG/E85/2980Z13 Dispenser Filter Swivle Automated Fueling Dispensers index China Hongyang Group 3.20is an integrated enterprise with the research & development, promise to provide high integral solution to the branch of petrol. We are the leader of 15 years experiences and guarantee Based on "the Interim Regula tion of Lawyers of the People's Republic of China"(issued in 1980), the All China Lawyers Association (ACLA), founded in July of 1986, is a social organizat i on as a legal person and a self-disciplined professional body for lawyers at national level which by law carries out professional administration over lawyers. All lawyers of the People's Republic of China are members of ACLA and the local lawyers associations are group members of ACLA. At present, ACLA has 31 members, which are lawyers associations of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and nearly 110,000 individual members.[0009]In certain implementations, determining whether at least a portion of the received transaction data requires a security measure may include determining whether at least a portion of the data is to be communicated to a fueling facility computer. The security measure may include preparing at least a portion of the received transaction data that requires a security measure for conveyance over a wireline communication link and preparing at least a portion of the received transaction data that does not require a fuel dispenser security measure for conveyance over a wireless communication link. The security measure may also include encrypting at least a portion of the received transaction data that requires a fuel dispenser security measure before conveyance over a communication link. Article I General survey about fuel dispenser’s designation 1. Fuel dispenser The full name is fuel dispenser for motor vehicles, used for measuring fuel of vehicles. It consists of meter for volumes of liquids, additional devices, and ancillary devices. 2. Liquid-volume meter Liquid-volume meter is a meter measuring liquid volume accumulatively, which consists of measurement transducer, calculator and indicator devices. When measuring liquid flow past the measured transducer, its mechanical measuring components divide flowing liquid into volume unit, then flow out together. At the same time it transforms the volume unit into relative position change value, indicating the total flowing volume by calculator and indicator devices. Measurement transducer once is called meter, which is the key parts in flow meter. 3. Additional devices Additional devices are apparatus aiming at ensure the accuracy of , such as pump, oil-air separator, nozzle, solenoid valve, filter, oil indicator, pipeline, etc. 4. Ancillary devices Ancillary devices are adapted to realize other special functions of , such as payment indicator, pre-setting, oil-air recovery, taxation interface, IC card read, amount indicator, zero- clear, etc. The first in world, manufactured in the early of 20 century, is made of manual suction pump, transparent cylinder with scales, and switch (see the 1-1 diagram). The certain volume fuels flow into the vehicle’s tank by means of gravity, controlled by switch. The paid volume is decided by the operator eye- measuring the scales. Manual pump is replaced by motor pump until in 1920s, and the transparent cylinder by flow meter with scales (see Diagram 1-2). In 1940s, indicative handle calculator developed as wheel calculator, function having changed from indicator volume only into measuring volume, money, and unit price adjustment as well (see Diagram 1-3). The development of electronic technique in the 1970s promotes the evolution of indicator operation and control management of . The end of 20th century witnesses rapidly development of and relevant system, such as various electronic display mode, presetting refueling devices, hanged system without island, submersible pump filling system, mounted vapor recovery devices, multi-nozzles , changeable oil label dispenser, and installed IC card. (see Diagrams 1 -4 to 1- 10).Meanwhile, some techniques correlative filling station management were developed consequently, including the Centre manager controlling multi-dispensers, monitor system for storage tank, station ’s payment, safety alarm and services system, network transmission technique among relative departments, inter-station, and internal station, as well as customer self-operate refueling station system—no staff filling station. transportation between rural and suburban. The first filling station was built in China until in 1924. Although a few cities have s imported from Western countries, their maintenance only being conducted domestically. In 1970s, these coastal cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, along with the restore and development of new China, the first was manufactured in China. As the history of dependence upon foreign came to hal
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China Hongyang Group, is an integrated enterprise with the research & development, production and marketing of Fuel Dispenser and related accessories as well as service station concerning equipments. It concentrates on the relative manufacture & services of filling station such as Hongyang tax control Device, IC Card system, manage system of network for stations,station LED light, IFSF management system, tank guage system, tank equipments, bulk flow meter, pipe of station, submerge pump and liquid level device.
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