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Solenoid Valve Product ID:U401-A fuel dispenser
The flow control valve has been tested and granted Ex approval.The Ex-approval is EX m II T4.Ex certificate number is CE021037.
fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
Body: Die cast aluminum alloy
Technical Specifications:
fuel dispenser Power:AC220 V,2×4W
fuel dispenser Current Consumption: big flow valve 18mA, small flow valve 18mA
fuel dispenser Allow flow rate:65L/min,big flow rate:50L/min,small flow rate:5L/min.
fuel dispenser Working pressure:0.035-0.035MPa
fuel dispenser Environmental Condition:-40℃~+70℃
fuel dispenser A high advantage in reliability and adaptability.
fuel dispenser Housing: Die cast aluminum alloy.
fuel dispenser Dual flow control valves have three grades of big flow, small flow and close.
fuel dispenser The fuel resistant cable can be customized regarding length.
fuel dispenser 100% Factory Tested.
Color Link
Brown communal terminal
Black big flow rate
white small flow rate
Yellow/green ground
Product ID Weight Dimension
U401-A 2.1kg/case of 130 ×116× 80mm/case of 1
Ordering Specifications:
Product ID Allow flow rate
U401-A 65L/min
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  o lock black card; Overdraft prevention Fuel dispenser will not start if balance of IC card is less than the minimum value prescribed; Fuel dispenser will automatically stop filing when the balance of IC card reach the minimum prescribed in whichever filling mode, and deduct turnover according to real volume; Ident fuel dispenser ifying card type Automatically identify type of IC card, provide prescribed service for each card according to system presetting; No filing to exterior system card; Non-local card not access to filling in offline state; Any operation can be done by exterior staff; Operation of pump verification (optional) The function of this card is similar to driver card, which is subject to prescribed filling station; Deduction record should transmit to the background of filling station. Its record format is same to that of driver card; The solution methods of put-to-grey and grey sign erasion are same to that of staff card. Inquiry of basic information Display holder's name; (optional) Inquiry of balance; Password application Supporting password requirements (has or hasn't password) Prompting password covert enter; Press 'confirm??key to finish password enter; If the time input password exceeds prescription, IC card will be lock automatically and invalid to any fuel dispenser; Many personnel employ one fuel dispenser password; (optional) Anti-inappropriate operation Convenient to modify inappropriate operation; System will give an alarm to again enter data as presetting value beyond balance; if don't change that, fuel dispenser only operates at prescribed minimum value; Fuel dispenser keyboard is locked in filling process; If IC card is pulled out in filling process fuel dispenser will immediately stop. Only after turnover deduction can IC card is used again. Staff operation Filling station staff access to register on-duty or off-duty through keyboard and staff card on IC card fuel dispenser or centre controller; Get statistic data of turnover in on-duty time; Access to su fuel dispenser Must the notion of logical unavailability for the server be managed? 4 YES As a physical disconnection? Check the homogeneity of parameters on the two serverATM 5 fuel dispenser YES applications. Consider the transport of the coding with the data (line analyser) 6 YES Define D5007 D5008 D5021 D5028 7 YES Utility of display printable literal reply? 8 YES Utility of Acceptor Parameters on ATM in EMV? For magnetic stripe 9 YES cards? (D10025) Calculate and add undefined tags!!! 10 YES Mag card application: transmission of lists of authorised products in 11 YES opening reply 4 Check D5015 and D5031 coding (fuels)? fuel dispenser ? 12 Coding D920 (Issuer Script Result)? 13 YES Validate lists of EMV parameters (AID TAC DOL) of message 2 of 14 YES the EMV application software Check confidential code encryption method (D5020) 15 YES Consider the case in which when replacing a monetics server after a 16 crash transactio fuel dispenser s, some university and think-tank academics have become increasingly vocal in their criticism of the negative consequences of economic reform, such as a widening gap between rich and poor, an increasingly dysfunctional health-care system and asset stripping by managers of state- owned firms. The appearance of the ar fuel dispenser ticle, and a similar one early this month in a fortnightly party journal, suggests that strong pro-reform statements by Mr Hu and the prime minister, Wen Jiabao, in March have failed to quell the debate. So now the party s powerful Propaganda Department is lending its weight to the reformist camp. The pseudonym of the People s Daily columnist, Zhong Xuanli, is one the department has used before to signal its authorship (the name sounds in Chinese like an abbreviation of the Propaganda Department Theoretical Bureau). The Propaganda Department, or Publicity Department as it likes to call itself in English, shuns foreign journalists. It is not listed in public telephone directories. Yet it wields great power over the country s media, culture and entertainment industries, deciding what can and cannot be reported, displayed, published, aired or performed. But it is not as fear-instilling as it used to be. Last month Chinese internet portals published a letter criticising a senior government adviser and one fuel dispenser of the Propaganda Department s former deputy chiefs, Liu Zhongde. Mr Liu had said that a hugely popular television talent show, the "Super Voice Girl??contest, was "sullying??art. One Beijing-based portal, Sina.com, even put up a web page allowing users to vote on what they thought of Mr Liu s remarks. Censors must also be unhappy that numerous Chinese weblogs reproduced a letter jointly written in February by a former Propaganda Department chief, Zhu Houze, and several other liberals, saying the department s controls on the media violated the constitution. Jiao Guobiao, who last year was dismissed from his post as a journalism lecturer at Peking University after issu fuel dispenser
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