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Foot Valve U404 Series fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
Body: Brass
Valve: Brass
Seal : Buna-N / Viton
Features :
fuel dispenser Valve closing speed:0.5S
fuel dispenser Medium: Gasoline, diesel , and kerosene
fuel dispenser Operating Temperature:-30 C - +55 C
fuel dispenser U404 Series Foot Valves are installed on the bottom of suction tubes in the fuel storage tank to maintain prime in suction system fuel lines.
fuel dispenser Double-poppet models provide redundant protection for holding the prime, and are ideal for installations where the valve is not easily accessible.
fuel dispenser U404 Series Foot Valves feature precision metal-to-metal sealing arrangements.U404 Series Foot Valves are recommended for use on suction lines where the pressure does not exceed 34 ft of head (approximately 15 psi).
fuel dispenser U404 Series Foot Valves are pressured tested to ensure accuracy
fuel dispenser Screen protects the valve from debris
fuel dispenser 100% Factory Tested.
Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension
32kg/case of 20 35kg/case of 20 30x31.2x18.5cm/case of 20
Ordering Specifications:
Product ID Connection Threads Poppet configuration Weight
U404-A NPT 1 1/2 Double 1.6kg
U404-B BSPT 1 1/2 Double 2.4kg
U404-C NPT 2 Double 4.1kg
U404-D BSPT 2 1/2 Double 5kg
U404-E NPT 2 1/2 Double 1.6kg
U404-F BSPT 2 1/2 Double 2.4kg
U404-G NPT 3 Double 4.1kg
U404-H BSPT 3 Double 5kg
The products should be used in compliance with applicable country, province and local Laws and regulations. Products selection should be based on physical Specifications and limitations and compatibility with the environmentand materials to be handled. HONGYANG makes no warranty of fitness for a particular use. All illustrations and Specifications in this literature are based on the latest products information available at the time of publication,HONGYANG reserves the right to make changes at any time in price, materials. Specifications and models and to discontinue models without notice or obligation.
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  ct before switching on suction pump. After oil being sucked up carefully inspect all connection and sealed sections whether exists leakage. Scrutinize the working states of measurement transducer, pump and vapor separator after starting operation. As for new filing station, clean waster and water in pipeline. Preset unit price according to oil fuel dispenser price. It is regulative to twice PPU presetting for each fuel dispenser per day. Appraise each nozzle flow rate in accordance with fuel fuel dispenser dispenser's metrological regulation and procedure, indicating value error no more than 0.3%, repeatability error no more than 0.15%. Regulate the adjusting bolt of overflow valve to change flow rate, increasing or reducing it. It must switch off power supply to maintain failure in debugging progress. It is strictly prohibited to debug as explosion-proof junction box being open. Debug personnel should clearly tell all operating functions and methods of fuel dispensers to station staff, and make report to station owner and get authorization. Chapter VI Metrological approval of fuel dispenser As commercial measure instrument, fuel dispenser is used for calculating the volume of commercial-used fuel. Thus, its accuracy directly correlates the customer's economical benefits. That is the reason why fuel dispenser in China should be conducted a compulsory appraisal in accordance with State's law on metrology. Metrology aims at ensuring exactitude on basis of united unit. The metrological appraisal for fuel dispenser refers to the work that to appraise measurement performance and to inspect whether or not abiding by legal requirements. The metrological regulation on fuel dispenser JJG 443-98 (hereinafter called JJG443-98) p fuel dispenser romulgated in Aug 1, 1998, is a legal tool to appraise metering of fuel dispenser, which introduces the international metrological technology regulation and global practice. JJG 443-98 emphasized that flow meter is core component in fuel dispenser, enhances metrological requirement, increasing the cont rchase: the capacity to handle this can be obtained through the specified interface provided that both POS Sell and EPS application are enabled to handle it. The POS application might use one combined message for loyalty and paymen fuel dispenser t or two different messages: provided that the EPS application can handle both there is no impact on the interface imple fuel dispenser mentation but in the first case the MOP rule can be accomplished within the EPS application in the second case it is the POS application to apply it. Combined request is the preferred solution. 4. The EPS application and the intelligent peripherals involved in card handling share common application logic and commands. 5. The use cases are drafted considering feasible for one application to use any peripheral as if directly managed. August 2002 IFSF STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL FP319_1.00 EPS POS INTERFACE SPECIFICATION Page 13 of 146 6. Configuration of the site card schemes: configuration is not covered by this standard. It might happen through an extension of the ISO8583-oil through FTP to the EPS or through proprietary solutions (in this case XML is advised). 7. SW diagnostic patches and version revisiondownload is out of scope. 8. Multimedia and internet-like technology are out of scope. 9. Only standard card functionalities are considered with the same scope of th fuel dispenser e ISO8583-oil standard for on-line protocol. 10. Only one loyalty scheme is considered per each purchase. 11. Loyalty card can be swiped any moment during the rung up sell process; as a specific case it is swiped at the end just before payment s to be taking up positions in bigger swathes of territory if Israel s withdrawal is not to stall. Until Israel pulls its forces back, Hizbullah insists they are fair game. But where will the new UN troops come from? France has indicated it could lead the force in, and provide its core (the old UNIFIL is already under French command). A few o fuel dispenser thers-Italy, Spain, Turkey possibly-have troops that can be deployed in days rather than months. If these agree to go in quickly, others fuel dispenser may be readier to follow later. The UN therefore envisages a rolling deployment. Most needed in the vanguard will be mechanised battalions, troops with wheels and rotors to get themselves around shelled roads, able to assemble bridges and deal with unexploded weapons, mines and improvised devices originally set to slow Israel s advance. A staggered deployment is as much a political as a practical necessity. Until they can assess how robust the new UNIFIL s rules of engagement are (the observer force, with troops from India, Ghana, Europe and China, has been limited to self-defence, encumbered by maximum self-restraint, and been shot at by both Israel and Hizbullah), few countries have been ready to make firm commitments. Turkey, emphatic about not being placed in the position of having to shoot at fellow Muslims (no one mentions Israelis), would be keen to attract more Muslim contributors; Indonesia and Malaysia have both offered, although Israeli officials are mulling over whether they might oppose troop contingents from governments that do not recognise Israel, and neither does. Egypt, Jordan and Morocco are expected to volunteer. But Syria, along with Iran, seems bent instead on rearming Hizbullah, whose missil fuel dispenser e stocks were depleted in the past weeks fighting. The fragility of the truce makes many nervous. It is unclear whether the UN will reach its eventual 15,000 target, and whether enough of a peace can be restored to prevent the countries now lining up to sidle carefully into Lebanon from backing out
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