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Reconnectable Breakaway U406 Series fuel dispenser

   The U406 is designed to be installed on fuel dispensing hoses,and will separate when subjected to a designed pull force. The dual valves seat automatically, stopping the flow of fuel and limiting any fuel spillage, while protecting the dispensing equipment. For proper operation, the U406-A/B should be installed with a "straightening" hose with a minimum length of 9". U406-C/D should be installed with a minimum length of 12" .

fuel dispenser
Body: Aluminum
Main Seals: Viton
Main Spring: stainless steel
Guide and poppet: POM
Protective Sleeve: PVC
fuel dispenser Pull force- the U406 will break away with a pull force of 250 lbs ±5%, the U406 will break away with a pull force of 300 lbs±5%.
fuel dispenser Certainty of operation- designed to be replaced after separation, instead of reassembled, to protect against reassembly errors.
fuel dispenser Unique double-poppet design-features low pressure drop.
fuel dispenser Flow rate: 0-60L/Min(3/4")
fuel dispenser Working pressure: 0.18Mpa
fuel dispenser Low pressure drop- the integral check valve design allows for minimal pressure drop for faster, high-volume fill-ups.
fuel dispenser 100% Factory Tested.
Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Sizet
U406-A 23kg/case of 100 26kg/case of 100 26.8x48x26 cm /case of 100
U406-B 23kg/case of 100 26kg/case of 100 26.8x48x26 cm /case of 100
U406-C 19kg/case of 50 22kg/case of 50 29x29x30 cm /case of 50
U406-D 19kg/case of 50 22kg/case of 50 29x29x30 cm /case of 50
Ordering Specifications:
Product ID Connection Threads Outlet
U405-A NPT3/4 " NPT3/4 "
U405-B BSPT3/4 " BSPT3/4 "
U405-C NPT1 " NPT1 "
U405-D BSPT1" BSPT1"
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