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  ow pulse from sensor and calculating data. The measuring CPU exchanges and controls data or information through the process circuit of communication signal and center-control computer. EEPROM: generally, fuel dispenser adopts model 24C16 of EEPROM, which is used for memorizing calculated information, unit price, oil density, etc. The IC chip matched with measuring CPU mainly has the memory chip of calculating data, like HX1215 and 24C16. 2.2 Keyboard At present, there are two types of keyboard used on fuel dispenser, parallel scan keyboard and serial scan keyboard. Different manufacturers employ various model keyboards with these logical units that illustrated in Diagram 3-2, 3-3 and 3-4 in their fuel dispensers. Diagram 3-2: Keyboard sketch map of fuel dispenser Diagram 3-3: Structural sketch map of parallel keyboard Diagram 3-4: Structure sketch map of serial keyboard Liquid crystal displays are adopted in keyboard scree fuel dispenser n and main display screen on which showing unit price, volume and sales. The components installed on keyboard varied largely, some manufacturers adopting touch switch, others membrane key or rubber keyboard. Parallel keyboard, high speed with many lines, is restricted by data signal length due to interference. However, serial keyboard with high anti-jamming and few lines is much freer from the length of data line. Both serial keyboard and parallel keyboard are feasible plans. 2.3 Main display screen Liquid crystal display (LCD) is generally adopted as main display board of fuel dispenser recently because it is clean and beautiful in sunlight. In order to be visible at night, transparent or semi-transparent liquid crystal screen is adopted against matrix backlight board with light-emitting diode, which also have hearting function. Display usually adopts 6-6-4 type illustrated in Diagram 3-5, showing 6 digits on volume and money, 4 digits on unit price, each item data has two digits after decimal point. Display mode of displ fuel dispenser ay board of fuel dispenser The following are fo fuel dispenser started. The timer for the maximum authorization time is stopped. PCD Comment: If the proprietary pump protocol doesn t have the equivalent STARTED state and goes straight from CALLING to FUELLING then the PCD should create a dummy STARTED state that it resides in only for the length of time it takes to inform the CD that it is in this state. After the state change has been notified to the CD the PCD can change the state to FUELLING. The customer display could be reset in this state (configured by the contents of the data element Clear_Display_Mode). EVENT DESCRIPTION NOZZLE-DOWN The customer returns the nozzle and the FP moves into the AUTHORISED state. fuel dispenser In this event a very important customer tolerant feature is satisfied; the customer may have selected the wrong grade (i.e. the wrong nozzle) and so long as dispensing has not started (state FUELLING) he is able to select another if he wishes. Note: In some countries the AUTHORISED state is not permitted. In this case the FP returns to state IDLE. The way of going back is defined by configuration in the contents of the data element Auth_State_Mode. Action : The FP state change is send as an unsolicited data array FP_Status_Message . FIRST-VOLUME- The customer presses the trigger mechanism on the safety nozzle and the flow PULSES meter registers a preset minimum volume signifying that dispensing has started. The FP moves into the FUELLING fuel dispenser stat fuel dispenser in inflation (their currency boards give the two countries no independent control over interest rates). Fiscal policy works in theory but not in practice Estonia already runs a big budget surplus, and Latvia is not far behind. Wages are spiralling thanks to a boom in labour-thirsty industries such as AP construction, retail and tourism. Both countries are struggling to integrate Soviet-era immigrants, so importing more labour from the east is hugely unpopular. But tempting back the many locals-especially 100,000-plus Latvians-who have moved to work abroad is tricky. Latvia s president, Vaira Vike-Freiberga (herself a returned émigré), says it is not just the money Latvians find that foreign bosses and colleagues treat them more kindly and respectfully than their compatriots do, and public services such as health care and transport are better abroad. So far, soaring productivity growth has mask fuel dispenser ed the labour market s tightness. But that will not last. The big task for both countries is to move to an economy based on brain not brawn. That requires a liberal immigration regime-at least for skilled foreigners-and a transformation of the calcified, self-satisfied education system. Neither is yet in sight in both countries, smugness rules. Latvia s coalition government, closely tied to local big business, shows little appetite for reform. Estonia, which has a parliamentary election in March, looks more hopeful. Its star politician, Mart Laar, is now leading the opposition after a break evangelising for the flat tax that he introduced when prime minister in 1994. His party slogan is "happiness does not lie in money?? That would once have been laughable. Now it sounds quite good. Mart Laar a star turn still to fuel dispenser
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