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  l gear pump Trouble and Maintenance The mainly troubleshooting fuel dispenser and failure about pump presents in Table 2-1. Table 2-1 Troubleshooting Serial No. Failure Failure reasons Solutions 1 No delivery or inefficient discharge Exterior elements: Motor stick; motor reversal; Sliding V belt; no oil in tank; pipe jammed; Check motor and its wiring; tighten V belt; inspect tank; dredge pipeline. Gear being stuck Clean waste in pump chamber Waste in outlet of overflow valve Disconnect overflow valve lid and clean waste; Leakage on valve Check oil groove Overweary gear or bearing Replace gears or bearing 2 Large noise or tremble Exterior reasons: Too long horizontal distance between fuel dispenser and tank; many elbow on inlet pipe; waste jam pipe; small diameter of pipe Dealt with in design and construction Intensive pressure Decrease thickness of pressure fuel dispenser d ring Overflow valve is stuck Clean waste and burr Overweary gear or bearing Replace gears or bearing 3 Inner leakage Overweary gears Replace gears Leakage on frame seal Frame seal disabled Replace frame seal Leakage on pump body or joint face O-ring disabled Substitute seal ring 2.5 Important notices in operation Often inspect the rotation of pump axis, leakage, abnormal noise, vibration on V wheel and lose bolt that tight pump key. Regularly clean strainer. The tightness of V wheel should be appropriate, neither too tight nor too loose. These V wheels of motor, pump and adjusting driven wheel should be in parallel level. Don't adjusting overflow valve spring too tights in case that result in high pressure of hydraulic system, increase noise and vibration so as to enhance pump abrasion. Prohibit suck water or oil with much water. Strictly abide by the operation requirements on explosive atmosphere. Submersible pump In China filing stations recently begin to adopt submersible pump as the power resource of fuel dispenser. Submersible pump gen fuel dispenser anish xs:documentation xs:annotatio fuel dispenser n xs:enumeration xs:enumeration value=de xs:annotation xs:documentation German xs:documentation xs:annotation xs:enumeration xs:enumeration value=dz xs:annotation xs:documentation Bhutani xs:documentation xs:annotation xs:enumeration xs:enumeration value=el xs:annotation xs:documentation Greek xs:documentation xs:annotation xs:enumeration xs:enumeration value=en xs: fuel dispenser annotation xs:documentation English xs:documentation xs:annotation xs:enumeration xs:enumeration value=eo xs:annotation xs:documentation Esperanto xs:documentation xs:annotation xs:enumeration xs:enumeration value=es xs:annotation xs:documentation Spanish xs:documentation xs:annotation xs:enumeration xs:enumeration value=et xs:annotation xs:documentation Estonian xs:documentation xs:annotation xs:enumeration August 2002 IFSF STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL FP319_1.00 fuel dispenser lies more than 12% of world exports of chemicals, the biggest sin fuel dispenser gle share. And the German industry spends a higher proportion of its revenue on research and development than that of any other country. In many countries, chemical factories are hardly the subject of civic pride. They are in Germany. In September an "open day??attracted thousands of visitors. Frankfurters, in particular, are proud of the huge chemical complex straddling the river Main at Hoechst, west of the city. Though Hoechst, once the local chemical giant, was absorbed into sanofi-aventis of France in 1999, its Frankfurt site still churns out polymers, pigments and pharmaceuticals. The former Hoechst headquarters, a redbrick relic of the 1920s, is an admired piece of Bauhaus architecture. Yet few sites are as efficient as the Verbund. A recent study of Germany s chemical industry by A.T. Kearney, a consultancy, found that most other prod fuel dispenser uction centres had big gaps in their "value chain?? raw materials and by-products had to be shipped around, at extra cost. The reasons are often historical or political. A complex at Leuna in east Germany, for example, was cleaned up at huge expense after German unification. It has never achieved its potential, even though firms such as Dow Chemical, Linde, Total and BASF have operations there. Other sites are too small or are underused, but cannot be closed for political reasons. BASF has recently been adding to its product range in a big way. In March it bought Degussa Construction Chemicals, part of a German maker of specialty chemicals, for ??.7 billion; in May it spent $470m to buy America s Johnson Polymers and in June it paid $5 billion for Engelhard, the cause of the profits crash. Asia starts producing Although these European and American additions bolster its business, BASF cannot ignore developments elsewhere. Ever bigger petrochemical and other downstream production facilities are being built in the Middle East. And burgeoning demand in Asia, particularl fuel dispenser
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