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  e accuracy. Vapor separator mounted check valve should have the anti-backward flow function. Check valve plays a role that provide a path for oil passing vapo fuel dispenser r separator when refueling, and closed as stopping filling to ensure next time accuracy. Moreover, it is able to reduce hydraulic impact and strict the high pressure in hydraulic system as nozzle suddenly stopp fuel dispenser ing. Here introduce the structure, working principle and troubleshooting of vapor separator generally employed. Structure Diagram 2-12, 2-13 and 2-14 are shown the structural cutaway view, exploded drawing and dimensional structure. Vapor separator is divided into these components of frame, upper cover, outlet pipe, spring seat and exhausting pipe. By function, it consists of filter device, vapor segregated device and anti-backward flow device, illustrating in Diagram 2-12 and 2-13. 1\2-Bolt 3-Elastic washer 4-Exhaust jointer 5-Upper cover 6-Valve seat 7-Upper cover gasket 8-Valve bracket 9-Small axis 10-Screw 11-Gas outlet valve unit 12-Fuel return float 13-Ball-float 14-Screw 15-Frame 16-Spring washer 17-Seal gasket 18-Filter unit 19-Bolt 20-Filter 21-Stainer net 22-Gasket 23-Filter end 24-Nut 25-Seal gasket 26-Plug 27-Check valve unit 28-Bolt 29-Gasket 30-Check valve washer 31-Check valve 32-Oil pipe 33-Seal gasket 34-Spring seat 35-Bolt 36-Spring 37-Plug 38-Retu fuel dispenser rn oil valve seat 39-Return oil valve 40-Spring 41-Seal gasket 42-Guider bar 43-Oil plug 44-One-way valve Diagram 2-13: Vapor separator exploded drawing Filter device: in past filter material adapts industrial felt, which is difficult to clean and has large flow resistance. Then ladies nylon is used, but this kind of material has low filter precision. Domestic manufacturer now widely adapt stainless steel filter, having advantage of anti-rust, even net holes, guaranteed filter precision and low resistance as well. Diagram 2-12 clearly shows the install position of filter. Pump will be effectively protected through installing a high filter precision strainer at the is important that there should be no concurrent block cut messages from any one device since the header for a block cut message does not contai fuel dispenser n a token. MESSAGE HEADER = LNAR LNAO IFSF_MC BL Thus it is not possible to recombine block cut messages correctly if there are concurrent block cut messages from fuel dispenser a given device. 3.4.2 Ambiguity of Response Messages There may be confusion about which particular AnswerAcknowledge response pertains to which original ReadWrite message. Since some Read messages also receive Acknowledge messages there can only be one sequence of tokens not separate sequences for Reads and Writes. Hence the maximum number of outstanding messages from a given device should be 32 or less. 3.4.3 NACK Reads There is a limit to the number of messages which a target device can buffer. In the case of messages overrunning the target device it could NACK any messages beyond its capacity using MS_ACK = 07 (Device busy). The initiator should then wait for approximately 2 seconds and then repeat its message. A NACK read will also occur when it is not possible to read from a database location. FP2_1.89 IFSF fuel dispenser STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL June 2005 COMMUNICATION SPECIFICATION Page: 26 4 IFSF Communication Services This chapter defines the services provided by the communications layer and the way to access to these services. That means the interface between the application (layer 7) and the communication (layer 6). 4.1 Addressing Each device will be locally able to define its own node address that means: Subnet and Node numbers (S N). Different solutions are possib Innovation and entrepreneurship Hamas carries on with the dance fuel dispenser No fear of flying Algeria and France Conr fuel dispenser ad Black s story It s so hard to say sorry His and hers Lebanon Cold-war history Pulled every which way The power of peasant logic Kenya Short stories No end to the problem Voices from the past Congo The Mediterranean It s Kabila fuel dispenser Salty tales New cinema Women in love Obituary Europe
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