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Breather Valve Product ID:U818 Series fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
Body: Aluminum Alloy,Cast Iron,Stainless Steel
Main Usage:
fuel dispenser U818 breather valve is protection equipment installed on the storage tank for crude oil, gasoline, Kerosene, diesel, Aromatics, etc. It's used to prevent damage in case of overpressure or vacuum. It's often used with flame arrestor.
Technical Data:
fuel dispenser A Positive Pressure:355Pa(36mm Water column)
fuel dispenser A Negative Pressure:295Pa(30mm Water column)
fuel dispenser B Positive Pressure:980Pa(100mm Water column)
fuel dispenser B Negative Pressure:295Pa(30mm Water column)
fuel dispenser C Positive Pressure:1756Pa(180mm Water column)
fuel dispenser C Negative Pressure:295Pa(30mm Water column)
Technical Specification:
Product ID Flange Outer Diameter Flange Pitch Working Pressure Inside Nominal Diameter
U818-A 140mm 100mm 0.3Mpa DN50
U818-B 150mm 125mm 0.3Mpa DN65
U818-C 185mm 150mm 0.3Mpa DN80
U818-D 205mm 170mm 0.3Mpa DN100
U818-E 260mm 225mm 0.3Mpa DN150
U818-F 315mm 280mm 0.3Mpa DN200
Product ID Net Weight Gross Weight Dimension
U818-A 0.8kg 0.9kg 101016 cm
U818-B 0.9kg 1kg 121218 cm
U818-C 1kg 1.1kg 141420 cm
U818-D 1.1kg 1.2kg 161622 cm
U818-E 1.2kg 1.3kg 182024 cm
U818-F 1.3kg 1.4kg 202226 cm
Order Specification:
Product ID Product Name Inside Nominal Diameter
U818-A Breather Valve DN50
U818-B Breather Valve DN65
U818-C Breather Valve DN80
U818-D Breather Valve DN100
U818-E Breather Valve DN150
U818-F Breather Valve DN200
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