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API Openable Adaptor Product ID:U832-A fuel dispenser
       This kind of product is istall to the side below the oil truck.It's apply to load the oil quickly.The front adaptor is in accord with American API RP1004 Standard.Offer great convenience while connect to the dischargeable hose.The hydrodynamic structure enables the inside pressure to minimum while work in heave duty.Its outlet adopts the flat configuration in case of leakage.Safe and reliable.The adaptor can connect to the hose easily with its 70°inclined design.This helps prolong its life-span effectively.
fuel dispenser
Body : Aluminum alloy
Product ID Net Weight Gross Weight Dimension
U832-A 4.7kg 5.2kg 30×23×22 cm
Order Specification:
Product ID Product Name
U832-A API Openable Adaptor
     + Fuel Dispenser
     + Parts
      LPG Equipment
      CNG Equipment
      LNG Equipment
     Station Equipments
     LPG Skid Refilling Plant
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