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Thread-on Spill Container Product ID:U840-A fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
Cover: Cast iron
Cover plate: Cast iron
Inflated tub: Polythene
Base: Composite fibre
Torus ring: Stainless steel
Seal: Buna N
fuel dispenser Easy to install,Time and cost saved,The threads of tube is in according with 4"NPT Standard or BSPT Standard.It's no need to joint other stuffs as just adjust the heightlevel and the holding tank.
fuel dispenser The vent valve is a perfect draw-out and on design.It allows the rest large amount liquid access to tank quickly.Do have traditional self-cleaned seal ring and removable strainer.It's easy to clean up the parts.
fuel dispenser Capacity: up to 5 gallons
fuel dispenser Rain-proof cover: casting iron,have a sole sealed design.The seal is between the cover and the two back plates,it can prevent the water from flowing to thecontainer
fuel dispenser Apply to various fuel:include methanol,ethanol and additive of Mebendazole etc.
fuel dispenser High-load cover:It's a inclined design,snow-proof and good at transmiting heat.Otherwise,striped cast iron is available.
fuel dispenser Anti-static:Inner connection of conduct and activator of composite added.It's a safe and effective anti-static system.
Packing Net Weight Gross Weight Dimension
U840-A 25.35kg/pcs 28kg/pcs 424248 cm
Order Specification:
Product ID Product name
U840-A Leakage proof
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