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Industry News
Shell,PetroChina make joint offer for Arrow Energy(20100301)
The 11th Chinese Oil Trade Conference(20100519)
Myanmar-China Oil and Gas Pipeline project commenced(20100615)
Sino-US dialogue: new opportunity for China oil energy(20100616)
The International Energy Agency raises the global crude oil demand forecast(20100617)
CNPC and China Unicom sign strategic cooperation agreement(20100630)
Double increase in gas station network development(20100712)
The training course of Changchun Oil-gas Branch came into scene(20100715)
Low-carbon economy --the 'antipyretic' of the earth(201007151)
1Mt/a aromatic hydrocarbon plant becomes operational at Urumqi PertoChemical(20100730)
What does the over-valuation for China energy consumption tell us?(201007301)
Incomparable petroleum soul and spirit(20100815)
Petroleum and petrochemical enterprises are striving for "Green Beijing" motion(201008151)
PetroChina Acquired Australian Arrow Jointly with Shell(20100830)
The energy conservation work must be started from the intravenous drip(201008301)
China Petroleum brand innovation called out the slogan(20100915)
Guangxi Petrochemical 10Mt/a refining plant becomes operational(201009151)
Chinese oil major science and technology promote energy conservation(20100930)
Technical personnel have to "go out"(201009301)
Green Chemical Industry:The Booster for energy saving and emission reduction(20101015)
Xinjiang Oil field expands the green development(201010151)
Solutions to "gas" needs generalist(20101030)
Let the low-carbon development not be misguided(201010301)
The key of energy saving-increase the utilization rate(20101115)
Expo, what we gain(201011151)
Shale gas changes the global energy pattern(20101130)
See the international oil market outlook from G20 summit(201011301)
Good fuel man should have good knowledge accumulation(20101215)
China Petroleum performance appraisal guides the development mode(201012151)
How to 'go up' in the international market(20110104)
Good warm prompts(201101041)
A good start of China Oil and gas production in the new year(201102)
"PetroChina" in the last five years(2011021)
"Use soft measures to help to solve the automobile problem(20110230)
"CNPC and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region sign strategic cooperation agreement(201102301)
Ideas change and diversified devolvement for improvement of market protection capability(20110315)
Liaoyang Petrochemical seized business opportunities(201103151)
International high-end steel processing gets initial victory(20110330)
Lanzhou Petrochemical improves emergency preplan scientificalness(201103301)
High production and low consumption of Daqing Petrochemical OXO(20110415)
"Offer the oil for the country"(201104151)
Energy challenges and opportunities of social and economic development in China(20110515)
Play the strongest voice of Science and Technology Development(201105151)
CNPC and Cupet sign expanded oil cooperative framework agreement(20110615)
Making refining research blossom(201106151)
China Petroleum LDO catalyst into the U.S. market(20110715)
PetroChina and INEOS complete transaction to form trading and refining joint ventures(201107151)
China Petroleum Overseas operating oil and gas pipeline exceeded ten thousand kilometers(20110815)
International Energy Agency lowered global oil demand forecast(201108151)
Heating system renovation of Jilin Petrochemical for energy-saving promotion(20111015)
The number of energy saving service company in China increases 9-folds in 5 years(201110151)
Well exemption period of Changqing Oil Production Plant I reaches up to 670 days(20111215)
Successful applications of catalytic hydrogenation in gasoline / diesel refining(201112151)
Penetrate new trends in world energy policy(20120115)
Talimu oilfield builds characteristic safety culture(201201151)
CNPC and Beijing Municipal Government sign strategic cooperation agreement(20120215)
"Four points" to promote non-oil business of the gas station(201202151)
CNPC and ACFSMC sign strategic cooperation agreement(20120315)
"Hong Kong branch of Second West-East Gas Pipeline starts construction(201203151)
Energy-saving and emission-reduction, workers should have supervisory power(20120415)
China Petroleum Group fully carries out spring voluntary tree planting activity(201204151)
Tarim Oilfield Sanchi operating area green construction for environment(20120515)
Healthy and orderly growth of the China Petroleum and non - oil business(201205151)
CNPC successfully develops polypropylene catalyst PSP-01(20120615)
Jiang Jiemin calls on President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in Beijing(201206151)
450Kt/a Synthetic Ammonia&800Kt/a Urea Project starts at Ningxia Petrochemical(20120715)
CNPC and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation(CSIC)Enhance cooperation(201207151)
Bureau of Quality Supervision in Wuwei County of Anhui province carrying out special inspection and supervision of fuel dispenser(20120815)
Southern Line of the Central Asia-China Gas Pipeline starts construction(201208151)
Whether fuel dispenser is accurate and qualified, Weighing (Shandong Province) quality inspection departments teach you how to look(20120915)
Rise again in oil price, adverse promotion of private gas stations(201209151)
China's first home-made large ethylene unit put into operation in Daqing(20121015)
100% conversion rate of Changqing Petrochemical patented technology(201210151)
China entered the ranks of the world's oil powers(20121115)
China's oil production ranks fourth in the world(201211151)
Birth of the first four- million tons of gas stations in Gansu(20121215)
PetroChina and Hefei Municipal Government sign cooperation framework agreement on gas supply(201212151)
South China Petroleum sales enterprise rapidly response to low temperature freezing(20130115)
Zhuhai Petroleum: non-oil amount and profits go up(201301151)
Exploitation of East African Oil and Gas Drew Global Attention(20130315)
Nanning petroleum enhances metrological supervision(201303151)
CNPC and KazMunayGas sign agreement on principles for expanding the Kazakhstan-China Crude Pipeline(20130415)
Self-service refueling must eliminate static electricity at first(201304151)
The first customer rights protection service station in Heilongjiang was established(20130615)
Framework agreement on integrated upstream-downstream cooperation signed between CNPC and Ecuadorian authorities(201306151)
Chongqing Sales: Fine Marketing improves efficiency(20130715)
Two new low energy consumption indicators of Daqing Petrochemical represented an all-time low(201307151)
CNPC and CDB sign strategic cooperation agreement(20130815)
CNPC and CSSC sign strategic cooperation agreement(201308151)
First section of the Phase-II Kazakhstan-China Gas Pipeline becomes operational(20130915)
CNPC completes first-phase construction of Galkynysh gas field(201309151)
Petroleum Engineering Machinery Company increases efficiency by professional development(20140115)
Daqing Petrochemical Refinery Plant I strengthen reassign employees safety training device(201401151)
CNPC Trans-Asia Gas Pipeline Company Limited signs agreement with Tajiktransgaz on establishing a gas pipeline company(20140315)
Sinopec and Chongqing Join Hands to Develop Shale Gas(201403151)
Zhou Jiping meets with Novatek and Gazprom top management(20140415)
Wenzhou oil:"Non- oil currency" to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff(201404151)
China Petroleum carries out the theme of World Standards Day campaign(20141015)
Chengdu Oil: State IV automotive diesel unveiled in Chengdu(201410151)
Sinopec cooperates with the world's top racing oils PAKELO(20141115)
Sinopec wins FIDIC Engineering Excellence Award(201411151)
Well Keshen-902, the deepest onshore well in China, completed in Tarim Oilfield(20150215)
Taizhou oil: Actively promote the non-oil sales model and transformation upgrading(201502151)
Sinopec holds energy saving and environment protection working conference(20150315)
Jiangsu Rudong JV Pipeline Company Limited established(201503151)
China.Cultural Landscape
Magnificent scenery at Yuan Yang terrace(20100301)
Traditional Culture Of China(201005191)
Lantern Festival: A brief overview(201006151)
Great Wall Museum of China(201006152)
Mystery of sunken Ming Dynasty ship(201006153)
Biyun Temple(201006161)
Chinese Dragon Boat Festival(201006171)
Ancient Chinese Myths and Legends(201006301)
Chinese Cloth Shoes(201006302)
Chinese Architecture(201007121)
Chinese Ethnic Minority Festivals(201007152)
Big Wild Goose Pagoda(201007302)
Chinese Feng Shui which means "Wind and Water"(201007303)
Double Seventh Festival(201008152)
Four Treasures of the Study(201008153)
A full, formal banquet, combining Manchurian and Chinese delicacies(201008303)
The History of Guqin(201009152)
Shadow Show(201009302)
Sword of King Goujian of Yue(201009303)
Zeng Houyi Bells: Gem of Ancient Chinese Art(201010152)
Chinese Keepsake of Love(201010153)
Three Friends in Cold Weather(201010303)
Yongle Bell(201011152)
Chinese Traditional Kite Craft(201011153)
The Horse-Headed Qin and its Origin(201011302)
Mount Huashan(201011303)
The BaDaLing Great Wall(201012152)
China Puppet Theater(201012153)
Chinese New Year's Day(201101042)
Chinese New Year Paintings(201101043)
Chinese New Year's Couplet(2011022)
Upside-down "Fu" Character(2011023)
Xiangsheng (comic dialogue) - a skill on the mouth(201102302)
Summer Palace(201102303)
Anhui She Inkstone(201103152)
Shennong Stream(201103153)
Nanxi River(201103302)
Boxwood Carving(201103303)
Kunqu Opera(201104152)
Rice Glue Balls(201104153)
Mogao Grottoes(201105152)
Holy Whole Double Immortals(201105153)
History of Dizi (Bamboo Flute)(201106152)
Erhu-Queen of Chinese Folk Orchestra(201106153)
Dragon & Phoenix(201107152)
Xuan Paper(201107153)
The Dai Ethnic Clothing(201108152)
Jiuzhaigou Valley(201108153)
Dancing among Bamboo Pole (Tiao Zhugan)(201110152)
Jade Carving(201110153)
Pulu Costumes of Menba Nationality(201112152)
Holy Farmer Yandi(201112153)
The "Ballet of the East" - The Flower Drum Lantern(201201152)
Chinese Papercuts(201201153)
Abacus and Abacus Calculation(201202152)
One-Month-Old Birthday and One-Year-Old Catch(201202153)
Ts'ang Chie's Formation of Words(201203152)
Tang Poetry(201204152)
The Four Books and Five Classics(201204153)
Clay Figurine(201205152)
Yellow Crane Tower(201205153)
Mud Cuckoo: Traditional China XunXian Clay Sculpture(201206152)
Imbued with Emotion - Decoration Patterns of Classical Furniture(201206153)
Lion Dance(201207152)
The Legend of Torch Festival(201207153)
Chinese Tea Culture(201208152)
Chinese Traditional Bamboo Clappers--Kuai Ban(201208153)
Miao's Silver Accessory Culture(201209152)
Chinese Long sleeves dance(201209153)
Shaolin Martial Arts(201211152)
Potted Landscape(201211153)
Tuotuo River: One of the Sources of the Yangtze River(201212152)
Gongfu Tea(201212153)
Chinese Philosophy of Beauty(201301152)
Chinese Zodiac Signs(201301153)
Mt. Lushan, National Geopark of China(201303152)
Ping Opera: as Popular as Beijing Opera(201303153)
Bronze Mirror(201304152)
Chinese Calligraphy(201304153)
FengYang Flower Drum(201306152)
Tengwang Pavilion(201306153)
The Cucurbit Flute(201307152)
Dragon Dance(201307153)
Painting of Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival by Zhang Zeduan(201308152)
Liangzhu Jade(201308153)
Covered Corridor(201309152)
Mid-Autumn Festival(201309153)
Spring Festival's Eve(201401152)
The origin of Chinese New Year(201401153)
Chinese Blue & White Porcelain(201403152)
Zhangzhou puppet carvings(201403153)
Coal Carving(201404152)
Mount Lu(201404153)
The Suspended Temple of Mt. Hengshan(201410152)
Covered Corridor(201410153)
Boxwood Carving(201411152)
The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove(201411153)
Longtang culture of shanghai(201502152)
Embroidered Shoes(201502153)
Leye Tiankengs(201503152)
Ba Gua(201503153)
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