Charging station backoffice is a system developed by Hongyang group for information management, including manufacturers, dealers, operators, agencies (co-operative company , hereinafter referred to as agencies) and other parts, and under the modes of the manufacturers managing the dealers, the dealers managing the operators, the operators managing the agencies. The system has many functions : charging order management; financial management for agencies, users and enterprise users; settings of charging stations and piles; vehicles charging data statistics; alarm settings of charging stations and piles ; agency management; operator management; users and enterprise users management; mall management(including purchase by SMS at present) and system settings and etc.


Privilege level:

Operator management:

  • The statistics of total charging quantity of electricity,total charging time,total charging times and total charging amount.The device monitoring are efficient and transparent,and all revenue and device failure and other data are clearly visible in the backoffice.With large dynamics online map,and centrally manage more than thousands of different types of charging stations and piles.

User management :

  • Provide the best improving user experience of EV(electric vehicles).Users don’t need to download APP and can just scan the code to charge.Easy-to-use,widespread and convenient.

Service managemen t:

  • Provide users with a sound set from pre-sale,sale,after-sale service to users demand,response,quality supervision and maintenance.

Functional interface :

  • Order management : Click order management,then will display three sub-columns:real-time charging order,historical order and abnormal order . In each order column,enter the query conditions,such as:charging order No.,agencies belonging,user account,terminal name,etc.,so as to query the corresponding records.
  • Financial management :Divided into three sub-columns:agency finance,enterprise user finance and invoive management.
  • Payment settings
  • Charging station and charging pile : Divided into three sub-columns:charging station management,charging terminal management,other settings.
  • Statistical center : The statistical center also called report center,which is the summary of each data in a certain period of time of the station.All the data can be exported as EXCEL .
  • Alarm center divided into three parts : Safety alarm of charging piles ; Failure alarm of charging piles ; Charging station alarm ;
  • Agency management
  • Agency management
  • User management
  • Store
  • Personal center