LED price sign

U220 series price column of gas station, highly customized, 12.8-inch 4-digit high brightness LED display. The oil products are backlit, bright and clear at night, waterproof and wind resistant. The unit price can be modified by using the remote control.

Material :

Body : Steel sheet(spray-paint)


  • Unit price adopt 12.8″height,4 digits high light LED display.
  • LED display can be automaticly adjust.
  • Oil product display adopt back light illumination.
  • The display of company’s logo is bright and clear at the night.
  • Waterproof.
  • Windproof.
  • It can modify the price by remote control.
  • (FMS)It can connect to FMS.
  • Height of the display is 3.5m,height of the unit price is 325mm,weight is 300kg.