Submersible Pump

U702 Submersible Pump

Integrative design of the pump head, built-in line bridge and the junction box, not need to adjust the line bridge, simplified the installation and debugging. Scalable check valve greatly facilitates pressure relief, which can avoid oil spilling during maintenance. Optional for various size and power to satisfy different customers’ needs.

Technical Specifications

  • Power supply:Single Phase,220V/50Hz
  • Motor power:11 OOW(1.5HP)
  • Current:8.1 A
  • Flow rate:260L/Mm
  • Rotary speed:2820 rpm
  • Maximum suction distance:30m
  • Products:Gasoline, Diesel
  • Automatic Reset Thermal Protector:Trip up temperature:95,Reset Temperature:45℃
  • Seal elastomers:Fluorocarbon parts with better strength and fuel-resisting
  • Capacitor:20 uF,500VAC
  • Intake filter screen:Stainless steel construction filters particles from fuel.Not subject to the
  • Weight of pump
  • Diameter of riser:114mm(4.5″)
    Thickness of pipe:4.Smm(0.188″)

S91 -A/B Multi-Way Control Box for STP


  • easy connection
  • all SSR adopted
  • 5-way and 8-way for option
  • 5V and 220V output for option

Model descriptions

S91-A 5-way 5V out S91-A2 5-way 220V out
S91-B 8-way 5V out S91-B2 8-way 220V out

S91-D Single-Way Control Box for STP


  • Application for the adoption of submersible dispensers
  • Single way only
  • With current and voltage meter
  • All conductor adopted
S91-D Single-Way Control Box for STP

Model descriptions

S91-D 1-way 220V out