Hongyang online calibration of tank volume table is to collect the sales data and the corresponding inventory reduction during the normal running of fuel dispensers. The patented algorithm is used for comparison and calibration. The whole process is automated without manual intervention, saving labor costs. Without stopping the nozzle and won’t influence fuel selling. Full-automatic to maintain the normal running; without shutdown, tank opening, tank cleaning and other processes. No need for any tank operation, avoid manual intervention and ensure the safety of implementation .


Function introduction :

1. The calibration system is used to obtain the volume and height data of tank and generate an
EXCEL table data/HVT(height -volume table)file for the level gauge system.
2. The console is the handheld type, no need to install it somewhere.
3. As the system is in wireless mode, please keep the handheld console and junction box within
the ideal distance(less than 10 meters).
4. The offline and online status between handheld console and probe can be checked through the
icons on the interface : M eans online(normal communication), Means offline(Communication is disconnected).
5. High accuracy–A record will be generated and uploaded to handheld console if the probe float
rises by about 5 mm.

System features :

  • Equipped with explosion-proof motor, low power, energy saving .
  • Equipped with quick connectors, convenient for pipe connection.
  • The flow is large, and the entire unloading process takes a short time.
  • High pump lift distance.
  • Movable design, convenient transportation and handling.
  • Equipped with explosion-proof junction box, safe and reliable.
  • High-precision flow meters and sensors to ensure accurate data.
  • Equipped with a ball valve to cut off the liquid at any time.
  • High-precision explosion-proof magnetostrictive probe to provide accurate height values.
  • Equipped with emergency stop button ensures that the whole calibration is safer.
  • Wireless data transmission mode is convenient and fast.
  • Hand-held lightweight console design, easy to use.
  • The handheld console has built-in durable batteries, no need to be powered on site all the time.
  • The console interface is simple, easy to learn and easy to operate.