lpg-filling-scale- jqc-100


The LPG filling scale is used for weighing and quantifying the liquid gas tank. It is equipped with high-quality weighing sensor and solenoid valve, combined with reliable hardware design, stable microcomputer control technology, accurate weighing and filling measurement functions.

Main features :

1. Humanized rational structure design and simple operation.
2. Dual LCD design, can clearly display a variety of information.
3. Withcalibration calibration function. Regular calibration can make the device long-term accurate and stable work.
4. The user can preset the filling weight according to different cylinder specifications.
5. A variety of filling options (preset money amount, quantitative, net weight, total weight, compound filling).
6. A variety of inquiry mode (single, shift totals, totals, time, job number, batch )
7. With data loss protection function.


Power supply : AC220V±15%,50±1Hz Design pressure : 1.6MPa
Working temperature : -40℃~50℃ Working humidity : ≤90%
Minimum scale : 0.01kg Accuracy level, : Medium
Single measurement range : 1~100.00kg Explosion-proof level : Exdmeib II AT3