Hongyang multi-media distribution system is especially designed for multi-media fuel dispensers. The interface of the system is simple and easy to operate. Users can personalize their interface through this distribution system. Users can also set nozzle ID, unit price, oil products and advertising video playback. With simple steps, users can arrange the video playback content and time according to their own needs, which is suitable for the advertising of specific advertisers. The system can automatically switch between fueling data and video playback, and can play high-definition videos and pictures.


Interface and Function Introduction

1: Touch here 5 times to exit the multimedia player.
2: Set the volume.
3: Video play area.
4: Nozzle ID.
5: Nozzle state.
6: Unit price.
7: Fuel product.
8: Select it to display fueling record.

Software Function :

  • Playfiles(video files) setting
  • Modify unit price
  • Modify fuel product
  • Modify nozzle ID
  • Check fueling record
  • Set video volume