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Pulse sensor Prodouct ID: U501-A fuel dispenser
This incremental shaft encoder has been designed for heavy-duty application, especially for use in petroleum & diesel dispensing environments where potentially explosive atmospheres can be expected. It features a rugged and compact construction as well as a wide selection of mechanical and electronic variations.
fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
Housing: Die cast aluminum alloy
Bearings: Self-lubricating sintered bronze
Features :
fuel dispenser A high advantage in reliability and adaptability.
fuel dispenser A large selection of shaft couplings, including couplings with built-in backlash clutch facility.
fuel dispenser Standard sealing screws.
fuel dispenser The fuel resistant cable can be customized regarding length.
fuel dispenser Suit the Bennett SB-100 meter and other meters whose pulse per circle is 60.
fuel dispenser 100% EX approved and tested.
fuel dispenser Power supply: 5 VDC, fixed or variable
fuel dispenser Current Consumption: Standard 10 to 30 mA, max 90mA
fuel dispenser Number of Channels: 2
fuel dispenser Number of pulses: 60 ppr
fuel dispenser Output Signal: Square wave duty cycle 50%+10%.
fuel dispenser Phase Shift: 2 channels 90° (25% +5%)
fuel dispenser Output Stage: NPN
fuel dispenser Output Current: Max. 30mA
fuel dispenser Hysteresis: Min. 0.2°
fuel dispenser Output freq. Min. 1000Hz
fuel dispenser Temperature range: Working -40°C to +70°C
fuel dispenser RPM: Max 3000RPM
fuel dispenser Mounting: With 3 pcs. M4 screws
fuel dispenser Weight: Approx. 340 gram. Excl. the cable
Color Channel plug
Green +5V 2
Black CH1 3
Yellow 0V 4
Blue CH2 5
Red +5V 6
--- --- 1
The shaft encoder has been tested and granted Ex and EMC approval.The Ex-approval is EX d IIA T3.Ex certificate number is CE991209.
Cross Weight Dimension
340g/case of 1 186x157x29mm/case of 1
Ordering Specifications:
Product ID Product name
U501-A pulse sensor
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