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Automatic Nozzle U301 Series fuel dispenser
U301 series automatic nozzles are designed with today's customer in mind. Small, trim, light weight, easy and convenient to operate, the is a rugged performer that offers long life and reliable service.
fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
Body: Aluminum
seals: Buna-N
Main stem seals: Viton Cased Oil Seal / Graphite with Teflon
Main stem: Stainless steel
Color of insulator :
Red Green Blue Yellow Black
Features :
fuel dispenser U301-B/D/F Flow rate: 0-60 L/m (15/16")
U301-A/C/E Flow rate: 0-45 L/m (13/16")
Working Pressure: 0.18Mpa
fuel dispenser U301 Automatic Nozzles-for diesel, kerosene and all kinds of gasonline service.
fuel dispenser Easily replaced spout- simply remove the screw.
Spout kits are available from HONGYANG.
fuel dispenser Low profile aluminum body- light weight, easier to handle, provides an attractive, image enhancing appearance.
fuel dispenser Hold-open rack is available for full service applications.
The one hand control means easy setting to flow rate for customer's convenience.
fuel dispenser Full hand insulator- protects both nozzle and vehicle, and insulates users' hands.
fuel dispenser Selective splash guard.
fuel dispenser 100% Factory Tested.
fuel dispenser Available Colors- color chart on inside back cover
Replacement Parts:
Key Description
1 Spout 13/16''
2 Spout 15/16''
3 Full hand insulator
4 Lever
5 Lever assembly
6 Diaphragm assembly
7 Main valve assembly
Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension
18.75kg/case of 15
12.25kg/case of 10
22kg/case of 15
15kg/case of 10
55x34x42.5cm/case of 15
37.5x34x43cm/case of 10
Ordering Specifications:
Product ID Connection Threads Outlet
U301-A NPT 3/4'' 13/16''
U301-B NPT 3/4'' 15/16''
U301-C BSPT 3/4'' 13/16''
U301-D BSPT 3/4'' 15/16''
U301-E G 3/4'' 13/16''
U301-F G 3/4'' 15/16''
The products should be used in compliance with applicable country, province and local Laws and regulations. Products selection should be based on physical Specifications and limitations and compatibility with the environmentand materials to be handled. HONGYANG makes no warranty of fitness for a particular use. All illustrations and Specifications in this literature are based on the latest products information available at the time of publication,HONGYANG reserves the right to make changes at any time in price, materials. Specifications and models and to discontinue models without notice or obligation.
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