Details for PC :

  • win7 system
  • 3G memory at least
  • Minimum display resolution: 1440*900(1920*1080 is recommended)
  • Minimum disk space: 100G

Backoffice management :

  • System configuration : User setting, tank setting,products setting, fueling man setting
  • Tracking and reporting of sales and services
  • Printing IC card report, shift report, daily report, weekly report, monthly report, time interval report and nozzle report

Real-time management :

  • Real-time display of dispensed volume
  • Setting of parameters of fuel dispensers
  • Turn on,shut off and pre-setting
  • Receipt printing(optional)

Optional parts :

UPS power supply Suppply power for PC under power failure situation
Data backup machine For software data security
Mini computer Convenient, long life and reliable
Tickets printer For printing receipt(width of printing paper:60mm/80mm )
Report printer For printing all kinds of report of A4 format
Router For internet access