RUST problem in coastal city

The United Republic of Tanzania is one of the cradles of ancient mankind. Located in eastern Africa, bordering Kenya and Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, and facing the Indian Ocean to the east, the capital Dallas Salaam is a beautiful coastal city.

Long coastline and beautiful beach to attract a large number of overseas tourists every year, there are a lot of gas stations locate in the coastal, compared with ordinary gas stations, they often face the high salt composition of moisture, machinery and equipment maintenance is very difficult, high salinity is easy to corrosion the metal part of the fuel dispenser, once the shell paint process problems or surface damage, broken part will be at a surprising speed corrosion and spread to other parts of the machinery and equipment. Within a few months, the shell of the fuel dispenser will be corroded, and can not be used normally.

To deal with this problem, the key is to improve the painting quality of the fuel dispenser shell. Scientific painting will greatly improve the corrosion resistance of the fuel dispenser shell and prolong the service life of the machine in coastal areas. HONGYANG fuel dispenser in the treatment of shell spray painting problems using scientific and strict pickling steps, before the shell spray paint through repeated pickling, dust-free operation makes the surface of the machine shell without any rust and impurities, repeatedly check the corners of the shell surface, be sure not to leave any dead corners. After the pickling, the shell is sent to the high temperature box for drying, cleaned, spray paint, in 200 degrees high temperature is painted firmly and durable. The whole process uses environmentally friendly chemicals using the latest environmental steps to maximize the protection of the health of the operators and gas station staff.

Through repeated experiments and tests, HONGYANG Group has found a safe and environmentally friendly shell painting scheme, providing a good fuel dispenser shell solution for gas stations in areas with coastal high humidity and salinity. HONGYANG fuel dispenser performs well in these areas with high humidity and high salinity, which well solves the corrosion problem that troubles the gas stations. Even if the accidental collision causes a small damage to the shell surface, the qualified pickling and spray paint will prevent the water vapor from entering and eroding the damage from corrosion and spreading to other parts.