Vapor recovery system has found an increasingly wide utilization in all kinds of filling station and oil depot.Vapor recovery system aims to recover vapor produced during refueling of fuel dispenser into the tank. The system can effectively control oil and gas emission while refueling, ensure no air pollution in refueling site and meet safety and environmental protection requirements.


The implementation significance of vapor recovery system for filling station

  • Avoid air pollution caused by diffusion of oil and gas.
  • Protect the health of workers and surrounding residents.
  • Prevent fires and explosions caused by oil and gas.
  • Improve economic efficiency, good for energy conservation.
  • Reduce the safe distance between filling station and surrounding buildings.

Name and specification of system components


Name: Recovery noozle   Nozzle body:cast aluminum alloy  Nozzle barrel: aluminum alloy   Outlet:3/4″,7/8″,1″   Color: optional


Name: shut-off valve Body:cast aluminum alloy Max pull-off force:330lbs Thread : M34 * 1.5 Weight:165g


Name: Recovery hose Working Temp:-40℃-+60℃ Material: NBR/PVC  Low fluid resistance design   Low air resistance design


Name: Vacuum pump unit Power:AC230V 50Hz Rotation speed:0-1500RPM Flow rate:45-60L/min