Solar Power Supply System is a kind of environment-friendly refueling device, which is small and occupies less space. The installation is simple and it can be moved as a whole. It can be widely used in areas with insufficient power supply but enough solar energy.

Solar Energy System

Configuration : 5KW

1)The solar photovoltaic user system can provide 15KW-20KW power consumption,which means it can work for 7-10 hours with 2KW,and can ensure normal power supply for 2-3 consecutive rainy days.

2)Peak power of solar module:5KWp;Output voltage:48DC and 220VAC.

3)The total capacity of the battery is 48V/10KAH,the total output power of the full charge is 40kw,the maximum power the system is 5kw.

A complete set of Solar Power Generation System :

NO. Product Name Specifications Parameters Quantity
1 Solar module Silicon 250W 20pcs
2 Solar energy battery VRLA battery 12V/200AH 20pcs
3 Solar control system Solar controller 48V/60A 2pcs
Sine wave inverter 48V/5KW 1pc
Control cabinet 2pcs
4 Parts Solar panel bracket、Solar panel wiring 1set